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Frequently Asked Questions

Are students insured while at my workplace?
Students are insured through the school district at the workplace as long as they are completing hours for their Workplace Experience class.

Can the student get paid for their time working?
The student cannot receive any financial compensation for the hours worked as part of their workplace experience.  Students are receiving credit for their hours as well as beneficial work experience.  Students can be employed after their Workplace Experience is completed.

How are students being graded through this program?
The Midterm and Final Evaluations that are to be completed by the Workplace Supervisors make up 70% of the student’s grade.  Students are also required to turn in placement paperwork and Time Cards (20%), as well as, a final reflection paper (10%).

The student’s performance and/or attendance is not meeting up to our expectations, who do I contact to express my concern?
The best way to have a successful workplace experience is to discuss and set up expectations with the student before they start.  Communicate your concerns and give feedback directly to the student often.  Also be sure to rate the student honestly on the Midterm and Final Evaluation forms.  If a student is still not meeting expectations after receiving feedback, please contact the Workplace Experience coordinator.

Where do I get the evaluation forms?
Midterm and Final Evaluation forms will be mailed directly to you at your workplace. Please note the due date at the top.


Please Contact the Workplace Experience Coordinator if you are interested in having a student worker.